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As part of our effort to ensure that we understand our clients’ unique financial needs and can assist them in creating a pathway to help reach their goals, we follow a disciplined six-step process:

Phase 1: Discovery

We begin this stage during our initial meeting where we get to know one another. We focus on what your specific needs are and what you want your investment capital to do for you.

Phase 2: Analysis & Blueprint

To determine the path to your financial independence, we first need to understand where you are currently. The primary objective of this stage is to develop and analyze your current situation, understand your goals, address your concerns, evaluate your current investment strategy, and develop a course of action. We then develop a comprehensive proposal that outlines the strategy recommended for long-term success.

Phase 3: Engagement

The primary objective of this phase is to clearly define the expectations to ensure both parties are comfortable with the commitment.

Phase 4: Initial Plan Review

This phase is vital to the accuracy of your comprehensive independence plan. You will meet with a member of the planning team to confirm your financial information, discuss testing methodologies, and activate your personal financial homepage.

Phase 5: Comprehensive Independence Plan Presentation

You will receive your comprehensive independence plan which will evaluate your entire range of financial needs, develop strategies to eliminate potential roadblocks in retirement, and recommend a personalized investment portfolio specific to your financial independence.

Phase 6: Progress Reviews & Annual Refresh

We monitor our clients’ accounts on a regular basis to ensure they are still performing in a way that meets their intention. At times, this calls for us to modify an existing strategy or develop a new one, and the process starts over again. In this way, we can ensure we are always adapting to your needs and to the demands of global markets.

To prevent your comprehensive independence plan from becoming obsolete, a refresh is conducted on an annual basis. The planning team coordinates with you and your advisor to update qualitative and quantitative information and to recalculate our analyses, ensuring your plan remains up to date and on track to meet your objectives and long-term financial goals.

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